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New Mills Vets v Glossop Police Match Report

5 a side defending Tactics
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The Vets Archives
Just in case you are the slightest bit interested, I have archived the previous Vets News Pages from January 2001. It's quite interesting to look back on a few of the events that have occurred during our past games, some of them amusing and some of them downright sad. Click the button above.

Check out these boys to see how easy it is to control a ball. 
This guy can Kick it

Best 5 a side goal ever



New Mills Vets  5 a side football at the Leisure Centre New Mills High Peak 17:15 - 18:45 every Sunday evening. Come and join us, all you need is a pair of trainers and a dodgy kit and you're up and gasping for air.

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The Vets Archives

Sadly Paulo Garner's Wednesday nights are no more but check out
  Walton Wednesday anyway

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 Vets Hall of Fame  The Vets Archives   updated  Sunday 24th March 2019 - 22:20   The Vets Archives    Vets Hall of Fame

Thursday 28th March 2019 :Just thought I'd start the report a little differently on this new page. Yesterday I visited the Whitworth Art Gallery on Oxford Road, Manchester for an exhibition called Facing Out. It's an exhibition of portraits of people who have experienced facial cancers together with their choice of artworks from The Whitworth collections. The portraits have been created in public by Lucy Burscough during her residency at Maggie’s Cancer Support Centre at The Christie Hospital. As you may have noticed our own Nigel Caldwell has suffered in this way which led to his nose being rebuilt somewhat surgically brilliantly in my humble opinion. Nigel, winner of our player of the year in 2013 is one of life's nice guys and he is humbly philosophical about his recovery which you can read about here or have a trip down to the Whitworth to see for yourself, it runs until the 2nd June - opening hours - Monday to Wednesday: 10am-5pm - Thursday: 10am-9pm -Friday to Sunday: 10am-5pm. It really is a beautiful building and well worth the trip. After my own open heart surgery I had similar thoughts as I faced the challenges ahead and like Nigel I happily had a successful recovery and again played 5 a side with the lads. However, Nigel faces a huge risk as being struck in the face is a great possibility and the result would be unthinkable. Myself, well I get pounded from every angle by you lot but I have to say, that was the deal when I came back to play mainly in goal and I'm so happy just to be there. Please take 10 minutes to read Nigel's story.
After getting Nigel's blessing for posting this he informed me that an infection after his recent operation has been sorted but it could take 2 months to heal as it’s where he had radiotherapy - but adds that determination is still there to get back!



Sunday 24th March 2019 : Great showing for the 5 a side tonight with fourteen of the guys making their way to the Leisure Centre for the weekly thrash. On a night of slick football the teams came out on an equal footing with some excellent games. Credit to our hippie leader for selecting three very even teams in what turned out to be a fine group of games played in a very fair and sporting manner. Goal of the night was without doubt a blinder from our Polish International, Frank Pleszak. Picking the ball up in his own half he evaded a couple of tackles before looking up and launching a missile into the very top right corner of my goal, I could only stand and stare as it zipped through a crowd of players. Much to admire from all the players tonight Mrs Browns boys, Andy and Dave, both banged in important goals for my Strollers team. Outstanding performances from Anthony Graham and Stefan only bettered by a powerhouse show from Graham Hart for The Guns. Mary's Moaners had a purple patch mid session winning 5 on the trot, Podders and Paulo in spite of yesterdays disappointment of their beloved Stockport County losing their Semi Final and a Wembley trip, both gave 110%. Jonboy Goodwin managed to slot two or four goals as Ronnie Dooley missed the challenge of "Badboy" Evans as he strutted around Mary's mid field. Kelwyn Whittaker managed to fit in 90 minutes in spite of suffering with an ankle problem . Graham Levine received a serious blow to his beak but soldiered on after treatment. Finally, can't forget the pile driver that Anthony Graham fired past me that smashed in of the post from a tight angle, glad I didn't get in the way of that one. Couple of players down next week so we need as many bodies as possible - hope to see you all down for another edition of The Joy of Football.....

  Mary's Moaners
Chris Podmore
Keith Mastin
Ronnie Dooley
Paul Garner
John Goodwin

 The Strollers
Kelwyn Whittaker
Andy Brown
Malc Hough
Graham Levine
Dave Brown

  The Guns
Anthony Graham
Frank Pleszak
Graham Hart
Stefan Clifford







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