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August 2002 - September 2002

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August 04th 2002 : The Commonwealth games are nearly over and as I head off for the closing ceremony with my bones aching after another super session I  think back and say - why isn't 5 a side football in the games? The Rugby sevens this morning was well worth watching so I can see no reason why the same wouldn't happen with our sport. Having said that, is the world ready for Scouse Ron. Great session again this week with Scouse Ron, John Goodwin, Keith Mastin and Disley beating Steve Hart, Dan Bolton, Kevin English and myself 21 - 14. I'm off to the closing ceremony at the Commonwealth Games now so it's only a short report, we still need new players....

Our Glorious Leader (pictured above) Keith "Zou Zou" Mastin, Charity Worker, Charlton Athletic fan, husband, father and the governor of Mary's Moaners – Email me for a larger version –

August 11th 2002 : With Steve Hart in Italy, Chris in Spain, Keith Mastin in the republic of Ireland, Tony Moore and  Scouse Ron working we were a bit thin on the ground tonight but still enjoyed a very competitive game. At last we had a new player turn up, John ? who hopefully will become a regular. Also returning were Bryn Meredith and a super slim Lee Woolley who made a comeback and played pretty well. Bryn knocked in his usual quota of goals but it was Bud who scored some spectacular efforts. Kevin English was back on form and Dan Bolton certainly had the foul of the night when he upended Bryn in the top corner. I reckon we could hit 15 next week although Bud and Lee Woolley are going to Dan Bolton's little un's  christening. 

August 18th 2002 : No footy tonight as myself, John Goodwin and Lee Potts were the only ones to turn up. I think it's about time I started to look for my first holiday of the year, Grand Canary sounds good but the Greek Islands sound better - Middle of September will do nicely, if you can't beat 'em - join 'em. Normal service will be resumed next week with a bit of luck!

Sunday August 25th 2002 : Good to see the boys back tonight, Stevie Hart and Chris both looked like they had spent a fortune on the sun beds as from what I've seen on the telly, most of Europe is under water at the moment. Bud, Gary and Dan, the lads from the White Hart, joined myself and Steve Hart tonight and took on Scouse Ron, Chris , Zou Zou Mastin, Lee Potts and Chairman of the Council Ian Huddlestone. Young Lee Potts had to retire with a strained groin just as his team were being swept aside by a slicker passing team. Good competitive run out tonight to more than make up for last weeks no show. Well it's off to Exeter tomorrow for me for a spot of work on the South Coast amongst all the Man Uni£ed fans, I'll sell 'em a few Manchester A to Z's.....

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1st September 2002 : Another month and the end of the school holidays, great now the real holiday bargains will start to appear again which suits me fine. On the football front tonight we had a mixed session with eight players, Scouse Ron, Lee Wooley, Bud, John Goodwin, Zou Zou Mastin, Ian Huddlestone, Chris and Moi. Bud played well tonight but the highlight was a coming together of the Scouse Ron and John Goodwin, the immoveable object and err... John! Poor old John didn't quite know what hit him as the Chirpy Liverpudlian gently eased his fellow Mary's Moaner into the wall before slotting the ball into an empty net - Ave itttt!!!  Next week will probably see round two so we may all have to "pad up"  Nice to see Councillor Huddlestone slotting a couple in and Chris hit a fair few in a tasty session. Back on the holiday front I've just seen a nice little bargain for new year, £320 for 3 weeks AI in Tunisia, now I know why the Premiership want a mid winter break.
QUOTE OF THE WEEK (back by popular demand) GARY MEGSON :
Explaining why he spent £2.5m on young Tranmere midfielder Jason Koumas, manager Gary Megson told Get Your Kits Out: “"We haven't got his type of player at the club. He can pass and score goals."

8th September 2002 : All change tonight with John Goodwin, Zou Zou Mastin, Bryn Meredith, Ian Lemonzic and newcomer Alan Williams taking on myself, Bud Jackson, Steve Hart, Kevin English and Chris . After completely dominating the first hour Zou Zou Mastins team got back into it and finished the stronger. Some good play tonight with Bud and Alan Williams looking sharp. Steve Hart was in goal scoring form no doubt inspired by his fellow jocko countrymen's great away point against the Faroe Isles. Bryn Meredith our resident police officer spoiled an otherwise gutsy session when he completely lost it after I tickled his ankles in retaliation to his elbow. He did his impression of Roy Keane, knocking me to the floor, and when I got up, it was the old face to face bit with all manner of threats and raised fist's - Roy Keane, more like Mary Poppins if you ask me. Get a life Bryn, fighting with 56 year old vets makes you look a sad git. Next week, who knows?

15th September 2002 : It was calm after the storm this week as we were reduced to only 7, so it was three a side with a ref. The football was fine but with 4 of last weeks players deciding enough is enough we struggled for numbers. If there is a lesson to be learned, it is the most repeated one over the years in that, we all play for fun and although we sometimes get over zealous it must be remembered that most of us are on borrowed time. The original vets kicked off the 5 a side because it was their only opportunity to play the game they missed so badly and after 14 years there are only three of us left, if we are to reach 15 years there may have to be changes. We need a good turnout next week to get things rolling again.

22nd September 2002 : Only seven again for the vets tonight and much rumbling of discontent. We kicked off with 3 a side and things were going smooth enough but with an unpleasant undercurrent. Scouse Ron persuaded young Craig Mills to join in and make it 4 a side joining John Goodwin, myself and Bud Jackson. Ian Lemonzic, Ron, Bryn Meredith and Dan Bolton made up the opposition and after a pretty even start pretty much dominated the session. Dan Bolton in particular scoring at will was the pick of the players tonight. Goal of the night had to be the last one of the evening when Scouse Ron clipped in a beauty despite being marked next to the wall a good way out. Sadly I am not the only player not enjoying the football at present and unless we get an influx of new players who want to play in the spirit we created over many years I can't see the Vets having much of a future. I will be very surprised if we can muster more than 8 players next week and this is simply not enough.

29th September 2002 : Having just watched Europe put one over the Yanks in the Ryder Cup it was refreshing to hear Scouse Ron had turned his skills to the great game in midweek. The John Hulse Classic at New Mills Golf Club attracted a bumper entry of 51 and our Liverpudlian hero hacked his way round to finish.....51st. Tony Moore was first to comment on this achievement saying Ronnies golf was marginally better than his football!!!!  Only six vets tonight bolstered by Young Lee Potts and his mate Richard made for a good work out with Scouse Ron, John Goodwin and Zou Zou Mastin teaming up with myself against Lee and his mate Richard, Chris and Councillor Huddlestone who were resoundingly thrashed. The four old gits with a total age of 207 years were driven on by Scouse Ron who scored two stunners off the wall with his driver. My last week next week before heading off to the sun. Hopefully next week we will have a half decent turn out with Bud back from Benidorm, Disley back from wherever he disappears to and with a bit of luck a fit again Jocko. Back to the Ryder Cup - fantastic, this was sport at it's very best.

6th October 2002 : What the vets have needed recently is a steadying influence,  and with a sense of timing even Edwina Currie would have been proud of, tonight we had the return of Mooro. Our senior vet made his first appearance for weeks with a vintage performance. His calming presence was noticeable with his team mates Scouse Ron, John Goodwin, Disley and Zou Zou Mastin combining to create a great evenings football. They did however lose by a couple of goals in the end to Chris , Lee Potts, Bud Jackson, myself and the fit again Steve Hart.  Talking of comebacks, can you believe Alex Higgins is the same age as Zou Zou Mastin......err yes!

13th October 2002 : No footy for me this week but here is a picture of where I'll be on Sunday night

20th October 2002 : Arrived back from Ibiza today and found out that my squash buddy Vince Lloyd died this week, couldn't be arsed to go to football.


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