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February 2002 - July 2002

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 Sun 3rd February 2002 :After 2 weeks injured from a bad tempered Scouse Ron tackle from behind, it was a   pleasure for me to get back to the Leisure centre this week for some footy. It was even more pleasurable without the  Scouse lout as the evening passed on without a moan, nasty incident or torrent of Liverpudlian rhetoric which quite frankly is pissing everyone off. No Bryn, the cat, Steve Hart or Martin but there were goals aplenty and the welcome return of Old Mooro.   Keith Zou Zou Mastin, Tony Moore, Graham Trouseman and John Goodwin just about shaded it from Ian "Disley" Lemonzic, Michael Jackson, Chris and myself. Graham Trouseman is now settling in very nicely and scoring freely. Next week hopefully will see a better turnout (we need the funds) and another top trouble free session for the old gits.

Sun 10th February 2002 Another superb session with no problems, despite the return of Bryn and Scouse Ron things went smoothly for the vets, perhaps we are returning to normality. Phil Butler joined us tonight and fired in a glut of goals, nice to welcome new players. No cat again but I did spot him in Ronnie Shah's shop this week and he promised to return soon. Steve Hart returned looking tanned and healthy from California and fired the first goal of the night, a toe ender that nearly ripped the nets off. I have a feeling that next week we may break the 15 player barrier for the first time in a long while, fingers crossed.

Sun 17th February 2002 Things are on the up at the Leisure centre with yet another top session. Mary's Moaners came as near to any team to winning all their games tonight, but as in the past with other sides on song they fell at the last hurdle drawing a couple. A great effort though with Bryn, Scouse Ron, John Goodwin, Old Mooro and Zou Zou Mastin all playing as well as I've seen in a long time. Myself, Martin Street, Steve Hart and Dan Bolton the Chef from the Sycamore played well enough but struggled to convert our chances. Bud, Chris , Disley and Gary had similar problems. No cat again tonight - maybe the moaners didn't miss him but it's always a pleasure to stroke the ball past the old lad. Good to see all the Blues here tonight in spite of them being live on the box, that's dedication for you. So it was 14 tonight so lets go for 15 next week, hopefully with the cat back between the sticks.

Thought for the day: What if Roy Keane is sane, and we're all mad...

Sun 24th February 2002 :Only nine again to-night with Steve Hart, Scouse Ron, Martin Street and of course the cat all notable absentees. I think the time is fast approaching when we must accept that Tony Gavin the fat cat has indeed hung up his chunky little gloves. Maybe as one of the original New Mills Vets we should be looking to organise a testimonial match involving a team of past masters led by the cat himself. Players willing to turn out for the privilege of teaming up with the old custodian may be a little thin on the ground, but it is worth thinking about. John Goodwin is fast losing his assassin label in exchange for supreme striker. His rich vein of scoring continued to amaze all around him again tonight, whatever went on in the Canaries a couple of weeks ago seems to have done the trick! Dan Bolton showed great improvement tonight and informed me he was now an ex chef since he started working with Bud as an electrical engineer (no comments about sparks flying please).

Sun 03rd March 2002:Laid up at home tonight with a bout of Flu and a bad back, not I may add as a result of one of Scouse Ron's challenges. Hopefully I will be returned to the peak of fitness next week for the traditional low attendance Mothers Day. Why that should affect us old giffers I fail to understand, but I have a sneaking feeling that the cat may show up next week, you never know!!!!

Sun 10th March 2002 : If there's one thing you can guarantee on Mothers Day it's that mother is in a foul mood because you are going to football... maybe this is why only eight of the boys turned up tonight, I don't know (do they celebrate mothers day in Scotland?). I dragged myself flu-ridden down to the Leisure Centre complete with my  bad back and teamed up with Zou Zou Mastin, Phil the dancer Butler along with  Dan Bolton and took on Scouse Ron, Disley, Chris and  Michael Jackson. Zou Zou and myself revelled in the extra space and bossed the midfield with ease. To make things easier for the last half hour we swapped round and joined Scouse Ron and Chris . I do believe we were a calming influence on the man from Merseyside who suddenly looked a different player. Next week I think will see at least 15 turning up with maybe a surprise in the shape of Frankie Burton, we will see.

Sun 17th March 2002 : The cat is Back... Yes it was a night of comebacks with the cat at last returning to the Leisure Centre along with Young Kevin who vowed never to return after a number of run ins with Scouse Ron. Steve Hart also returned tonight after a few weeks off but no John Goodwin, Chris or Ian Lemonzic. A good session was spoilt for me when Scouse Ron yet again went over the ball and left me in agony and unable to play on. I returned home from the hospital at 2.00am after x-rays thankfully not in plaster but unable to play again for a couple of weeks. Is it worth it I have to ask myself?

Sun 24th March 2002 : 4 more days off work last week, fit for sod all!

Sun 31st March 2002:  Check up on Wednesday, fingers crossed

Sun 7th April 2002: Hospital advised me not to play 5 a side for at least another month due to shin splints. I don't think I'll be able to wait that long but won't chance it this week.

Sun 14th April 2002: Played squash this week and came through OK but wouldn't risk the rigours of 5 a side yet. I think I might have a run out next week, we'll see.

Sun 21st April 2002: It was good to be back with the vets this week and thankfully all went well. Mary's moaners reformed with Bryn Meredith, John Goodwin, Scouse Ron, Old Mooro and young Lee. For once Scouse Ron behaved himself and concentrated on playing football which he did pretty well, ending up on the winning side more often than not. Gary, Ian Lemonzic and the two sparks, Bud and Dan made up the second team which also had it's moments. I teamed up with Zou Zou Mastin, Steve Hart and Chris and I think we had the makings of a reasonable team. Zou Zou scored the goal of the night with a delightful little chip over the keeper and Bryn left his mark with at least 4 back heeled goals. A decent nights football played in a good spirit - this is what we need every week!

Sun 28th April 2002 : Probably the best session this year with three teams of equal strength playing the sort of football that makes you want to keep playing all night. The Mary's Moaners started with Tony Moore, Bryn Meredith, John Goodwin and Keith Mastin. They played some great football and would have won more games had Bryn's shooting not been as bad as Stalybridge Celtics defence. Bud Jackson, Kevin English, Dan Bolton and Chris did well enough but again struggled to score. I joined Ian Lemonzic, Steve Hart and young Lee in the "passing" team and with all players scoring ended up the nights top team by a country mile. We need to keep up this standard, competitive yet fair!

Sun 5th May 2002 : The lads continued their fine form this week with another top session. We played the rotation system this week so there weren't any permanent teams. No Ian Lemonzic or young Lee this week but Scouse Ron was back and as usual the cat was missing. No one player shone this week and just about everyone managed a decent goal or two with Zou Zou Mastin's deft little flicked back heel the pick of the bunch. Next week we need a couple more players to make up the numbers and certainly another two or three new regular players to get us through the summer. I have also been in touch with the Juniors to arrange a possible 11 a  side game with the under 17's on the AFC - I hope we are still up to it.

Sun 12th May 2002 : Down to 9 players this week but an excellent 90 minutes. Good to see Disley back and young Mooro joined his dad for a game. Tonight I saw the transformation of John Goodwin from the assassin to a dancer, with two perfect little flicked passes to young Mooro which had everyone open mouthed, after all these years the lad finally came good!! As with last weeks session all the lads got stuck in and weighed in with goals so we can look forward to next week when hopefully, Bryn, Bud, Scouse Ron, Kevin and maybe even the cat will swell the numbers to around the fifteen mark.

Sun 19th May 2002 : I was surprised Sven Goran Eriksson choose to ignore the vets this week even though his squad are dropping like flies, especially as he suggested last week that every squad needs a player that "can take someone out."  As he demonstrated yet again tonight Scouse Ron could have been that player, just ask Michael Jackson, Zou Zou Mastin or Dan Bolton who had to retire into goal before leaving the action early. I can only say it's Sven's loss and perhaps ours too. Ten players for most of the night tonight and a decent session as Scouse Ron, John Goodwin, Bryn Meredith, Young Lee and Paul Moore got the better of myself, Dan Bolton, Bud Jackson, Kevin and Zou Zou Mastin. There's still time for Sven to change his mind....fingers crossed.

Sun 26th May 2002 : The Roy Keane situation was the main topic of conversation among the vets tonight as world cup fever begins to build. The consensus of opinion was the fact that if Roy Keane was sent home for a foul mouthed and abusive attack on Mick McCarthy then Scouse Ron would never complete a session at the Leisure Centre! Disley and Chris were back tonight back tonight with Paul Moore and Kevin, plus of coarse the cat missing. Goal of the night was definitely John Goodwin's with a sweet volley on the turn which stunned us almost as much as himself in a session where I played like an old biffer and to his credit Scouse Ron hit the net with some wonderful toe enders. Due to Scotland's lack of world cup matches our old Jocko, Stevie Hart,  has decided to go to Corfu for a holiday, where undoubtedly every bar will be showing the games.

Sun 2nd June 2002: Another month, another bank holiday weekend and another crap turnout. only seven this week so it was 3 a side with a ref and the benches on for goalkeepers. With the overhead rule scrapped for the night the hoofers came into their own with skill going right out the window, so it was Bryn and Scouse Ron who dominated the night with a succession of England type up and unders. I can't say there was a goal of the night and for me the best part of the session was the final whistle. I guess Stevie Hart had the last laugh on us after all this week, in more ways than one. England were crap as well!!!

Sun 9th June 2002 : The world cup is in full swing and I was looking forward to the lads trying out the various skills seen on the stage of the greatest show on earth. Sadly it didn't happen either no one saw any or we just weren't up to it, the latter I suspect. Stevie Hart returned from his holiday, I always think a tanned Jocko doesn't look quite right, except when they've just been tanned by England. 11 players tonight with no Bryn or Mooro and of coarse the cat is still missing. Good session tonight with the goals spread pretty evenly although Scouse Ron, John Goodwin and Steve Hart all managed to score from inside their own half (sore toes in the morning)
World Cup Quote from Japan : That was the shortest half hour of the tournament so far???? Barry Davies

Sunday 16th June 2002 : With Ireland losing the penalty shoot out the boys were in a sombre mood to-night, no Steve Hart, Scouse Ron, Ian Lemonzic, Michael Jackson or Bryn Meredith and it goes without saying, no cat. So it was eight only tonight with the old gits, Zou Zou Mastin, Tony Moore, John Goodwin and me (total ages 218 years, most of them Mooro's) taking on the youth team of Lee Potts, Kevin English, Chris and Dan Bolton. Amazingly the spotty youth's lead by only one goal after 1˝ hours but we decided to finish with a golden goal, in the spirit of the World Cup and the old gits took it with a masterly strike by Tony Moore. As Tony said afterwards, "I'm not finished yet and I won't be until I'm finished!!" Great session tonight so lets hope the boys do the business on Friday and put us in the mood for a good run out next Sunday.
This Weeks World Cup Quote : David Beckham is a world-class bender - Germany’s SAT1 commentator, as the skipper lined up a free kick.
(LEFT) Alan Scapens spotted at the world cup

Sunday 23rd June 2002 : Well the boys didn't do the business on Friday and indeed left us all disappointed by the manner of their failure, there were no England shirts on view tonight. Scouse Ron and Stevie Hart returned tonight but no Keith Mastin so that left 9 players tonight with the Scouse Ron rotation method coming into play. Nothing special tonight although Dan Bolton scored a pearler early doors and Kevin English netted five in the last game but didn't finish on the winning side. Steve Hart netted more than his usual amount of goals tonight and to his credit the Old Jocko didn't take the piss out of our humbled national team. Tony Moore is off to Ibiza with Bud Jackson, the lovely Sharon and a few of his mates so look out for the old boy in the dance clubs, he thinks they're dance halls!
This weeks World Cup Quote : I don't think I will ever be as popular as Bobby Robson - Sven-Goran Eriksson is obviously not expecting a knighthood just yet.

Sunday 30th June 2002 : It's all over in Japan with the best team eventually coming out on top. Next World Cup will be in Germany in 2006, I wonder how many of the vets will still be playing then, only myself and John Goodwin tonight although Zou Zou Mastin was missing through a bereavement in the family and of course Old Mooro is living it up in Ibiza. Only four aside again tonight (Scouse Ron had to go home and drag Lee Potts out to make up the eight) but a well contested session all the same. I really miss the three team system we used to enjoy and wonder if we will ever return to the days when the lads would turn up as regular as Shaun Goaters goals. Disley was back tonight so lets hope a few more join him next week with the return of the Ibiza boys.

Sunday 7th July 2002 : The lads from Ibiza returned to the leisure centre with nice tans and big bellies tonight in a six a side session. Mary's Moaners with Bryn Meredith, John Goodwin, Tony Moore, Scouse Ron, Keith Mastin and guest Chris easily came out winners against myself, Lee Potts, Bud Jackson, Steve Hart, Dan Bolton and Kevin English. Only Steve Hart played anything like to form in a team that couldn't string together enough passes to save their lives. Young Lee Potts was out of sorts after looking an excellent player over the last few weeks. Myself, Bud, Dan and Kevin all had a night to forget. the Moaners however played as a unit and almost completed the evening unbeaten. Zou Zou Mastin scored the goal of the night with a beaut on the turn, leaving us all aghast.
SPECIAL BONUS : DOWNLOAD THE UNITED CALENDAR: See how remarkably similar Juan Sebastian Veron looks to Bryn Meredith. Just click the link above and open (you will need Excel to open it in)

Sunday 14th July 2002 : An excellent hour and a half tonight with Mary's Moaners swapping Chris with Lee Potts and Ian Lemonzic stepping in for Dan Bolton. Mary's Moaners certainly lived up to their name tonight as Scouse Ron ripped into his team mates with some severe condemnation of their tactical awareness. A lot of this was due to the opposition dominating them for long periods. Goal of the night had to go to Bryn though, he curled one into the top corner as I did my best to put him in the top corner. Not a bad tempered night but I also clattered young Lee into the wall and Scouse Ron returned the compliment on me. A good spirited contest though which would do very nicely every week. Next week our old Jocko Steve Hart is of to the States but hopefully we will keep the numbers up, who knows the cat may be back!!!

Sunday 21st July 2002 : The vets received a challenge this week from Wigston Town CCFC Old Boys so I'll have to give them a ring this week to see if we can arrange something. The five a side tonight was reduced to 4 a side with Mooro, Keith Mastin, Lee Potts and John Goodwin representing Mary's Moaners and myself, Bud Jackson, Chris and special guest Scouse Ron. We dominated the moaners to such a degree that Scouse Ron only found a couple of chances to bollock his new team mates. An hour and a half of non stop football was a pleasure tonight but the Mary's Moaners were without Bryn Meredith and boy does that make a difference to them. We were without Steve Hart and Ian Lemonzic but were still too strong for the fading Moaners.

Sunday 28th July 2002 : Steve Hart returned from his trip to the States and guested for the Mary's Moaners tonight, inspiring them to a victorious session of 4 a side. He joined Scouse Ron, Lee Potts and John Goodwin while I was joined by Disley, Chris and Kev English. We didn't put our chances away although most of the skilful moves came from us. The moaners more direct approach paid high dividends with a 29 -17 victory. Scouse Ron actually led by example tonight with an encouraging attitude that essentially lifted a workman like team into a... more workman like team. Are the moaners back or was this a one off,  watch this space.

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