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May 2001 - June 2001

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Wed 9th May : Well the Glorious boys in "lazer" blue slipped back into the Nationwide with another gutless performance which just about sums up their season, no effort, no luck and frankly no good. This is however irrelevant if you happen to be a Man City fan because we're programmed to expect it after years (nearly 50 of them for me) of believing we deserve better, well seeing the sorry "sold out signs" at the ticket office every week only goes towards convincing me we don't. If you went to the cinema every fortnight and watched crap you would be hard pushed to convince anyone that if you paid for 6 months of films in advance things would improve. I believe by the start of next season Man City fans from an ever swelling catchment area will have done just that and guaranteed another season of  "We'll turn it round for our fantastic fans, they deserve it!"  The last time that genuinely happened was when our gates sunk to 13,000 and they bloody well had to turn it round before we went out of existence. That led us into a ten year period when we really were a big club and players actually wanted to sign for us. I watched us play at Ipswich on Monday and wondered what players like Charvet and Grant were doing wearing our badge on their shirts. Oh how I understood that Everton fan's pitch confrontation the other week. I don't want my club to be known as the club with the most loyal fans, I much preferred it when we were just worth watching, all this Premiership crap is really pissing me off. Still as it was once pointed out to me by an old neighbour, you can take the man out of Manchester but you can't take Manchester out of the man, and the same goes for being a City fan.

Well I feel better for that, so what happened Sunday? Well Mooro tripped off to Minorca and Bryn and his family have gone to Greece for a week in the sun but we still had a reasonable turnout. John the Assassin is looking a little sharper but young Kevin foolishly tried to out tackle him near the wall and paid the price. Scouse Ron convinced us all that the speech therapy rumour was just that after one of his famous outbursts which had the paint peeling off the walls. John Goodwin, Malc Hough, Keith Mastin, Tony Gavin and Scouse Ron made up possibly our oldest 5 a side team to date with a total age of  253 years and boy did we feel it!

QUOTE OF THE WEEK : 'Do I support a London football team? I do. I support Manchester United.' - CAPRICE


Sunday 13th May: With the season over for most teams it was refreshing to turn out at the Leisure Centre tonight knowing that our weekly fix isn't going to be spoilt by the "close season." The vets carry on regardless week in week out with players giving their best just for the privilege of being there to kick the shit out of each other. The battle between John Goodwin and young Kevin carried on from last week with Kevin just about taking the honours although I can guarantee he'll pay dearly next week. Bryn returned from his Greek holiday bronzed and rested but struggled to cope with the Scouse Ron Rotational system ending up on Chris Anthony's team for most of the night. Keith Zou Zou Mastin scored with the goal of the night, a long range strike that flew in the top corner. No cat this week but we had debut vet, Kevin Williamson the flying postman, who soon stamped his influence on the game when he delivered one in at the near post.  Well I think I've come to terms with Man City's demise although it was still a bit of a choker at Ipswich last week, but as Tony Moore said, "'I would not be bothered if we lost every game, as long as we won the league!"

QUOTE OF THE WEEK: Interviewer 'Would it be fair to describe you as a volatile player?'

DAVID BECKHAM : 'Well, I can play in the centre, on the right and occasionally on the left side.'


Sunday 20th May : A full quota of 15 players this week meant three teams and a bloody good session. Steve Hart's team dominated for most of the night until Malc had to quit with a back injury.  Goal of the night was scored by our "brake linings engineer", Scouse Ron who drilled one into the top right hand corner from...... a long way out. Bryn's team started well but faded as the night went on, as Tony Moore said, "we didn't underestimate the opposition, they were just better than we thought!"  Chris Anthony benefited from being in Scouse Ron's team when the master of moaning turned on him after only 3 minutes, surely a new record! All in all an excellent session once again although next week we could be down to the bare bones, without a tackle off John Goodwin, with Martin Wild's babies Christening leaving one or two of the boys Alcoholically challenged and Steve Hart off to Lanzarote and Zou Zou Mastin headed for the North Wales Coast (don't the southerners push the boat out?).

QUOTE OF THE WEEK :Grand National winning jockey Mark Fitzgerald: "Sex is an anti-climax after that"

Desmond Lynam: "Well, you gave the horse a wonderful ride, everybody saw that"


Sun 27th May : Still suffering from my back injury this week so no report from the Leisure centre. With only one more Sunday before my trip to Turkey I have to decide whether or not to risk running the gauntlet against the assassin, Roger or Scouse Ron. Of course the ideal solution would be to get on their team and so avoid the inevitable clashes but as Tony Moore once said "All's well that ends!!"  We'll have to see....

QUOTE OF THE WEEK :It's always best to weigh up all your options, especially when you have no choice!!" - New City Supremo Kevin Keegan


Sun 03rd June : Only eight tonight at the Leisure centre but a really good session. Malc was back from injury but no Kev, Chris Anthony, Tony Moore, Kevin the flying Postie, Bud or Bryn although we did hear from our Asian friends in Oldham that  Bryn was working hard to keep the opposing factions apart with his negotiating skills. Back at toffee town we had a good nights footie with Scouse Ron completing the full evening without a single moan. This was possibly due to having Malc and Zou Zou Mastin playmaking in  his team. I must say I don't think we had a serious foul all night although John Goodwin was on the verge of a couple. This has happened once or twice before in the past and was a case of 'the calm before the storm'. It's like Tony Moore once said," If history repeats itself it'll probably happen again!"  Thankfully I won't be there next week to witness the storm but I will give it a passing thought from my sun lounger in glorious Marmaris.

QUOTE OF THE WEEK : Yes Ian Wright is a great player but, he does have a black side!!!! - Gary Lineker BBC


Sun 17th June: Malc back from Turkey but still carrying a back injury which did slow him down a little. Eleven turned out tonight with John the assassin Goodwin looking particularly sprightly. Disley was on target more than usual and Scouse Ron was not on target more than usual. Bryn Linked up well with his midfield partner Chris Anthony but it was Michael Jackson who lit up the evening with a couple of stunning blocks.  Steve Hart lashed in a couple of humdingers early on but with the cat suffering an industrial injury the goals were slightly devalued tonight. Next week Malc is off to Zakynthos for a couple of weeks to rest his injured back

QUOTE OF THE WEEK: "That's great, tell him he's Pelé and get him back on." - John Lambie, Partick Thistle manager, when told a concussed striker did not know who he was.

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