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Sunday 1st September 2013 : The Vets did themselves proud this morning at the "Field of Dreams", Tintwistle where they held Glossop Police to a 0-0 draw. With GP being limited to only 12 players as opposed to our 15 the Police took advantage of the open transfer window to sign Proudy on a free. This proved a shrewd move as he held the centre of their defence together to great effect. In a fast end to end first half the Vets gave as good as they got against a side used to playing together on the a regular basis. Tom Kannenburg back with his roots team was a constant threat to the Police team he often guests for and on a number of occasions only the GP keeper kept him out. Paulo Garner at right back was having a terrific game for the vets marshalling the defence and setting up attacks in the Franz Beckenbauer mould. Rick Evans and Malc Stubbs held the middle quite comfortably although there were a few scares. Rick Pott came to the rescue with a fine goal line clearance when a goal looked certain. Rick earned his corn by just turning out when clearly he wasn't fit after treatment on his hamstring - top man. The mid field trio of Matt Pink, James Kemp and Chris Podmore all put a good shift in with Anthony Graham and Rick Westwood running their socks off up front, Anthony coming close in a one on one situation.
The second half saw myself, Chris Todd and Ian Makin replace Rick Pott, Matt Pink and James Kemp. Pre match there were a few murmurings concerning the vets ages which gave us an average age of just under the 35 mark but this altered drastically when I made my entrance, the average age rocketed up. The game itself followed a similar pattern to the first forty five minutes ebbing and flowing  unrelentlessly. Rick Westwood fizzed a volley just over the crossbar from outside the area. As the vets grew in confidence it was starting to look like a victory was possible but time became the winner and the ref brought an end to a thoroughly enjoyable mornings football. A Penalty shootout went to Glossop Police 4-3 with Tom Kannenburg, Rick Westwood and myself netting for the vets. One player not yet mentioned was our Keeper, Dan Bailey who volunteered for the job at the last minute and by the very fact that in ninety minutes he kept a clean sheet he deserves great credit, a fine effort. Man of the match though by a country mile was Paulo Garner with a memorable 90 minutes - nice one Paul.

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The Team

Dan Bailey

Paul Garner
Malc Stubbs
Rick Evans
Rick Pott

Matt Pink
Tom Kannenburg
James Kemp
Chris Podmore

Anthony Graham
Richard Westwood

Chris Todd
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Ian Makin



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