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Click here for a huge version of the team picture size 4928 pixels.
This should download reasonably quickly and will produce a very suitable printout on decent photopaper.

Back Row : Ian Makin, James Kemp, Dan Bolton, Rick Evans, Paul Garner, Chris Todd, Malc Stubbs Malc Hough
Front Row : Matt Pink, Richard Westwood, Chris Podmore, Anthony Graham, Tom Kannenburg and Rick Pott




All the pictures on this page have been shrunk in quality in order to load in a reasonable time on a laptop or desk top pc (using broadband). If anybody wants the full size picture for framing purposes they range up to 5000 pixels plus which print out very clearly, just let me have a blank disk or a memory stick and I'll put all the pictures on it full size and photoshopped. Click the small thumbnail team Photo at the top left hand column and it will show a full sized 4928 pixel version which you can right click and copy.

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