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The Vets Archives
Just in case you are the slightest bit interested, I have archived the previous Vets News Pages from January 2001. It's quite interesting to look back on a few of the events that have occurred during our past games, some of them amusing and some of them downright sad. Click the button at the top.


Check out these boys to see how easy it is to control a ball. 
Zinadine Zidane
 5 a side

So Can this guy

Best 5 a side goal ever





The Vets Hall of Fame - The players who we wish to remember for no other reason than they left their mark, quite often literally. Each month or so I will add another player to the list so if you think you know someone who deserves to appear here, then give me the nod and it will happen. Now in our 23rd year as I write (Aug 2010) there have been many players who deserve some kind of recognition so hopefully this will go someway to fulfil that purpose. So in no particular order here goes.....

Chris Wilson

Chris Wilson one of the Original Vets and in my opinion still the best finisher to appear in our ranks. A Celtic fan who moved down to the Bristol area a number of years ago. Best known for coining the phrase "a wee duffie" which to this day we haven't found a suitable translation. Came to fame with the vets as Moscow's Mayor Popov's double.

Tony Moore

What can you say about old Mooro that he hasn't already said himself? Not a lot really but, Tony like Chris Wilson was at the first Vets session and played regularly until his last appearance on April Fools day 2007, quite apt I suppose.
Deciding to switch teams after over 10 years when Pete Fosbrook accidentally let slip that the squad could be oversubscribed the coming Sunday, came as a bit of a shock but that paled into insignificance when the old boy Joined an ailing Mary's Moaners team. Tony was the 1st Vet to play at 60, don't rule out a cameo reappearance though.

Robbie Westwood

Footballers come in many sizes and to be honest at the vets level usually XXL but Robbie was pocket size with the heart of a Lion. A passionate West Bromwich Albion fan and father of three Robbie passed away in June 2010 aged 56. Will always be missed by us all.

Tony Gavin PaD   


Tony Gavin PaD (painter & decorator) pictured here in his favourite bar was without doubt the benchmark when it came to goalkeepers. You hadn't scored a decent goal until you planted one past the fat cat who was the backbone of the original Mary's Moaners team. Tony is a season ticket holder at Manchester City and to his credit brought up his two sons to be true Blues. His early years were spent serving his country in the Army, a good man and a mighty fine goalie.

 Dr John Brooke PhD

John Brooke, Sheffield Wednesday fan, born in London and the only Vet to my knowledge who was at the 1966 World Cup Final. John has moved on slightly since his experiences with the New Mills Vets now earning his corn (as I write 2015) at Manchester University. His interests amongst other things include solving problems derived from the requirement to run very large simulations or data processing algorithms on distributed systems. These are currently known as computational Grids, and his interests lie in developing methodologies for solving computational science and engineering problems in such environments. So it comes as no surprise that he was always in my team and probably explains where my ability to find that elusive pass comes from - so there!! All round clever southerner and top bloke.


Steve Hart

What do you call someone who is from Edinburgh? is it Edinburgher or perhaps Edinbugger or maybe just plain unlucky you may say. For me it will always be Steve Hart the Heart of Midlothian fan. Steve was the back bone of my team for many years and a fine footballer to boot. Very competitive at both football and squash never let you down. Favourite leg pull when Hearts lost to Motherwell, we just couldn't wait to ask, "is your mother well Stevie?" Reply was *$^+ **£!!!!!

"Scouse" Ron Buttery

Where do you start with Scouse Ron? Instigator of the Scouse Ron Rotational System used for 11 players was probably his best contribution to our 5 a side sessions. But Ron also had a dark side. Frequently berating the referee with what can only be described as verbal diarrhoea and the perpetration of serious fouls was his speciality. However, behind the Mr Nasty lay a skilful player on the pitch and a pretty decent and humorous guy off it. Who would argue with that, not me that's for sure.


Des McGrath
 Des pictured here on the right was a real gentleman who knew the true meaning of fair play and Sportsmanship. I remember an incident when we played an 11 a side friendly at the AFC with the Vets against the Under 16's. I tried unsuccessfully to substitute Des as he was looking a little worse for wear but, he was having none of it. I later found out that he represented Manchester Boys alongside young Man City & Utd players and here was me trying to sub him - what do I know!
Sadly Des is no longer with us........

           Bryn Meredith

Perhaps Bryn should really be in the Hall of Infamy as he wasn't the most pleasant of characters on the pitch in fact he worked in close harmony with his side-kick Scouse Ron Buttery. Whereas Ron was a pleasant guy off the pitch I can't in all honesty say the same about Bryn. A Closet United fan but a supporter of Stalybridge Celtic Bryn's saving grace was his ability to put the ball in the old onion bag. He did this with consummate ease and for this I salute him. A retired police officer, not the kind of man to get on the wrong side of - 'nuff said

Steve Gerrard

Steve retired too early as they say, with dodgy knees and a few too many pies, time eventually caught up with him. This not so famous Strevie Gerrard played in one of my past squads alongside Steve Hart and John Brooke. An aggressive attacking mid fielder he expected his team mates to adopt the same 100% input that he set and wasn't opposed to the odd ear bending. Living in near by Birch Vale, Steve plays the odd squash game and was until recently coaching Hayfield Juniors, definitely a good all round egg and avid Blue.


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