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Team photos by Malc Hough and Ron Buttery


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 Here's the lads who made  it all happen early doors: Top Left to Right: Ron Buttery* (photey taker), John Goodwin, Frank Burton*,
Tony Gavin*, Keith Mastin, Roger Graham*, Chris Anthony.  Bottom Left to Right: John Brookes*, Steve Hart*, Ron Aitchison*,
Malc Hough,  Tony Moore*  and Clive Taylor*. 
Photo reproduced without the consent of the owner whose Photoshop skills were more than a little limited.

New Mills Leisure Centre in all it's glory.

A bunch of overweight worn out old men attempt to relive their youth each Sunday evening at New Mills Leisure Centre, High Peak, UK. This site will attempt to share some of the passion and humour that these old git's generate each week. General footy humour will be posted each week with contributions gratefully accepted.
Maybe you want to join in on the night, feel free. if you are over 35 and in poor shape you qualify. If you hate Stretford United all the better! We have fans of Chelsea,  Celtic, Charlton Athletic, Coventry City, Blackpool, Blackburn Rovers, Bolton Wanderers, Derby County, Everton, Galatasaray, Hearts of Midlothian, Hyde United,  Ipswich Town, Liverpool, Macclesfield Town, Newcastle United, Reading, Sheffield United, Sheffield Wednesday, Stalybridge Celtic, Stockport County, Stretford United, St Mirren,  West Bromwich Albion and of course the glorious Manchester City.
On special occasions, light refreshments are taken in the White Hart, a friendly little pub in New Mills where you can sample the superb Robinson's Ales. The White Hart was also the home of The High Peak Hatters (Stockport County Fan Club). If you are passing through New Mills you could do a lot worse than pop in and enjoy the friendly atmosphere. New players will always be welcomed so don't be afraid to give it a try, you just might end up getting the old bones moving again and extending your lifespan by a year or two - that is if you can avoid Scouse Ron and the "assassin"
Sadly in August 2013 the White Hart ceased trading after the Landlord let the business run down due to personal problems. The sign have been removed so our 25 year connection has been severed. We will have to find a new spiritual home in the near future to uphold our tradition of Special EGM's which generally masquerade as Piss-ups.....


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