Why Blue?


A new page to feature some of Man City's real heroes, the fans. There are many reasons for supporting your club and here I will hope to give a platform to some of the ordinary folk out there who like me, decided to jump on the rollercoaster of emotions we call Manchester City. Send me an email if you think your story should be included in the contributions on this page.

Just to get the ball rolling here's a couple taken from  MCIVTA - the exceptionally brilliant Internet newsletter called Man City Info Via The Alps which is packed full of input from the fans.


Dad came from the Broomwood (Altincham) from a family of a mix of Blues and Rags. My Mam came from Moss Side from a family who were all Blues but one of her brothers who was a Rag (bizarrely).

Dad bought a Sky Blue and a Red football shirt and said "which one do you like best?" I immediately took hold of the lovely Sky Blue shirt with a Phillips sponsor and the old Retro crest from circa 1988 and said "this one"

I was about 6!

How glad am I that I chose that one? and how angry am I at my Dad that I could have had a silly moment that children have and chose the wrong colour?September 23, 1989 - City 5-1 Utd: Ian Bishop and Paul Lake

Since then that Sky Blue colour has completely filled me circulatory system and I am actually pumping Blue blood around my body!

First game was City v Leicester old Div2 1989 we won 4-2 at Maine Road. I've been to hundreds of games since my most memorable being the first away game at Blackburn 15 Apr '89 though we lost 4-1, the 5-1, beating Liverpool 2-1 when, I think, David White scored the winner, beating Spurs 5-2, beating Spurs 4-3 away in FA Cup, and just because it was the best piss up I had in 2004 going to Bolton away winning one-nil! Plus many more!

I absolutely love City to death more than anything in life, anything! Good bad and ugly!


"You're my pigeon, you're my dove. You're my City, you're the one I love"   (again)

Daniel James Burgess


I am a fatalist. I believe in fate and I think things happen for a reason.

I am sitting here in my hotel room in Jakarta just a few days before the Asia Cup Final between Saudi Arabia and Iraq with nothing much to do but contemplate my life so far, when all of a sudden it dawned on me. My whole life has been dominated by two things.

First of all, my wonderful family of course, but the other underlying fact which has always been there in some part of my sub conscious is Manchester City Football Club.

What is it about a football club from my place of birth in the north of England a million miles away from my home in Australia that has such a profound effect on my life? A football club that I last saw play live almost 40 years ago! It has dominated my life for as long as I care to remember.

Each day no matter where I am in the world, I wait with baited breath for the next issue of MCIVTA or log on to News Now Man City to find out what has been happening in that mystical far away place The City Of Manchester Stadium. Is it a sense of belonging to an extended "family", an old comfortable friend that is always there for you.

A never-ending search for news of what is happening, what was the score?
Who have we signed? Who got injured? It is like a strong magnet that draws you in, no matter where you are or what you do. It is impossible to get away from those compelling invisible currents.

I am a very lucky guy. I guess I have always been in the right place at the right time and my work has taken me all over the world. I work in the TV industry and over the years I have had the pleasure of working on cricket tours of the West Indies, Olympic Games in Seoul, Atlanta and Sydney, French Open Tennis, and last year privileged enough to be working in Munich on the World Cup, but my main bread and butter these days is the Asia Tour Golf.

We were in Delhi last year televising the Hero Honda Indian Open and a good mate of mine Dave Parkin is the Asia Tour tournament director. Dave is the self proclaimed president of the Wigan Football Club Supporters Association of Asia. In other words, it is himself and a mate.

That particular Saturday, Wigan were playing Manchester City so the opportunity for a bet was raised. It was decided whoever wins, the prize would be a bottle of Single Malt Scotch of the winners choice. Naturally, I jumped at the prospect of winning a bottle of scotch, I mean, we are the great Man City playing lowly Wigan. It was in the bag.

The match started at 5.00pm Delhi time and was being televised live in the main bar of the Delhi Sheraton hotel. I still don't know how he did it but Dave managed to get the professional golfers to finish the day's play at 4:30pm which gave us just enough time to get back to the hotel for the much anticipated kick off. We got to the bar after changing into our respective shirts about 5 minutes after the start of the match. Dave resplendent in his striped Wigan shirt and yours truly in my new sky blue City shirt.

I nearly had a heart attack when I saw the score. 5 minutes in and we were 2-0 down. I thought Oh No! Here we go again. But being the eternal optimist (remember the Spurs game where we came back from
3-0 down and only ten men to win 4-3) I said silently to myself "We will get back in the game after half time."

I think it was the longest half of football I ever had to endure. To put it bluntly, we played like sh!t! Final score 4-0. I had to put up with endless ribbing from everybody in the bar that night and the following day.

The trials and tribulations of being a City supporter. But my faith in the blues never failed me once. The official ceremonial handover of the bottle of Laphroig Single Malt (Dave has expensive taste) took place a few weeks later on the balcony of the beautiful Royal Hong Kong Golf Club much to the delight of golfers and caddies and anybody who wanted a sip. I was hoping to turn it into an annual event and I was delighted to see Wigan just manage to stay up in the Premier League.

According to my Man City screen saver, we play Wigan again on 1 December and with the team that Sven is putting together it should be an absolute certainty to win back my scotch. Yes, things do happen for a reason.

The other night in Jakarta, Indonesia played South Korea in the last group stage of the Asia Cup. There were 90,000 fanatical, loyal Indonesian fans packed into the Gelora Bung Karno National stadium and the atmosphere was absolutely electric. All they had to do was draw to qualify for the quarter finals for the very first time.

The game itself was a fantastic display of football but unfortunately for the Indonesians, South Korea scored the only goal in the match (pictured right). The amazing crowd accepted their defeat with dignity and there pride intact.
On my way out of the stadium after we had finished the usual post match interviews, we came across a sea of smiling Indonesian fans in red national team shirts all waiting to get a glimpse of their heroes boarding the team bus.

Out of the corner of my eye I caught one guy in a very familiar sky blue shirt with Thomas Cook emblazoned on the front. I managed to catch his eye and gave him a big thumbs up. I like to think that in that brief moment of recognition we became two mates with the same agenda. He waved and gave me a huge smile.

Even in this part of the world, the magic that is M.C.F.C can still bring total strangers together.

What IS IT about Man City?       (We all ask ourselves that one Dave - Malc)

Dave Shellard (Tox)                                      top pic in this article by Richard Tucker

After all that... this  by Bill Borrows, published in the Guardian in September 1998, about the demise of Manchester City during the eighties and nineties. Taken from  MCIVTA
Ashley Birch who originally put together the Newsletter that is Manchester City info via the Alps